Welcome to PMI Institute

Doctor Transformer: Thank you Dean of Faculty for that generous introduction. To our reader audience, Docta Reacta and I will be delighted to provide technical discussions on the art and science of transformers and reactors for your edification and amazement to heighten your understanding. Along the way, we hope you will discover that the products designed, developed and manufactured by our graduates who are employed at Power Magnetics are among the very best for your applications. Docta Reacta, do you have any comments for our new audience of intellectually advanced technical inquisitors?

Docta Reacta: Thank you Dr. Transformer. I would just like to say that I think it is widely known that Power Magnetics inductors and reactors have become the industry standard based on their performance and endurance in a wide variety of applications. I credit the instruction provided to the Power Magnetics employees by the faculty here at PMI Institute, thank you very much. We hope you come back for a new installment of our slightly irreverent but always enlightening diatribes!

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