Impulse (BIL) Testing Reactors & Transformers: A Short Explanation

Docta Reacta: Power Magnetics was in the news again recently, this time for BIL testing. In case you missed it, this is just a quick update on some news you may be able to use, intended to help you be smarter buyers of magnetics. If you want to read the article, check out the links below – including the one on the Institute Blog. Don’t miss the links to the photos[…]

Iron Core Reactors for Harmonic Filter Bank Applications – Part 2

Docta Reacta: Here is more enlightenment and edification on the trade-offs between three phase reactors and single phase reactors, harmonic filter reactors if you will, when used in harmonic filter banks.  Iron core reactors can be designed as either single phase or three phase.  There are trade-offs for each reactor type summarized below.   It may appear that there is a bias towards single phase reactors, and certainly these is more[…]

Iron Core Reactors for Harmonic Filter Bank Applications – Part 1

Docta Reacta:  Today I would like to provide some elucidation and enlightenment on iron core reactors when they are used in harmonic filter banks! When OEM’s are looking for high reliability filter bank reactors, it comes down to a simple choice: Power Magnetics. Why? Because we have a very long history of providing iron core reactors, sometimes called harmonic filter reactors, to the manufacturers of harmonic filter banks that go into some of the most difficult applications[…]

Power Magnetics Products Deployed in World’s Most Extreme Conditions for Global Energy Businesses

Press Release Energy Industry Leader Celebrates 45 Years Power Magnetics Inc. Products Deployed in World’s Most Extreme Conditions for Global Energy Businesses Trenton, NJ USA April 10, 2014  Power Magnetics, Inc. Celebrates 45 Years PMI celebrated its 45th anniversary recently with a festive gathering. “Power Magnetics has just completed its new strategic plan and we are in the process of implementing it as we look to significant growth over the[…]

The Anatomy of Stray Flux in 3 Phase Reactors

Docta Reacta: Hey, hey, nice to be back in front of the class at the Power Magnetics Institute of higher learning for your increased enlightenment and edification as I illuminate you with some technical elegance! Hmmm…. Overboard I hear, ringing in my ears! The discussion of stray flux in the design and application of 3 phase reactors is insufficiently addressed by systems engineers when trying to deploy them in more[…]

A Video Explanation of Single Phase Trap Reactors

A Video Explanation of Single Phase Trap Reactors

  Docta Reacta:  Welcome dear PMI Institute learners!  Today I have a treat for you!  PMI’s very own Mike Smith, an up and coming star with Hollywood potential, I am sure you will agree, will provide you with a illuminating discussion of Power Magnetics Inc.’s Single Phase Trap Reactors. These medium voltage trap reactors have become the industry standard and as I have explained in previous posts, are nearly indestructible[…]

Temperature Rise and Insulation System Ratings

Dr. Transformer:   Welcome back to Power Magnetics Inc. Institute!  Temperature rise and insulation for transformers, reactors and inductors is today’s hot topic.  Your burning questions as a design engineer and these answers can hopefully increase the reliability of your products in the field.  And some of those are deployed in pretty extreme environments, like our Trap Reactors and Current Limiting Reactors and Furnace Transformers.  You can find them in steel mills, deserts of the Middle[…]