New Impulse Testing of Power Magnetics Reactors Achieves Certification at 169KV

New Impulse Testing of Power Magnetics Reactors Achieves Certification at 169KV High-level capability provides significant safety testing margin to assure system performance TRENTON, NJ, February 25, 2015 – Power Magnetics, Inc. today announced its successful completion of an industry standard impulse test, whose certified results achieving 169 KVBIL*, validate the reliability of the company’s design and construction methods for building iron core harmonic filter reactors.  This capability allows engineers to[…]

Power Magnetics, Inc. Quality Statement

Power Magnetics is known throughout the power industry for supplying high quality premium custom designed transformers and reactors.  We thought you might be interested in our Quality Statement that guides the work we do and our relationship with customers.  We hope that when you consider your next purchase of a transformer, AC reactor or DC inductor, you will give Power Magnetics, Inc. serious consideration, especially in those applications where efficiency[…]

Design Criteria for Iron Core Reactors for Harmonic Filter Bank Applications

Prafessa Reacta with you today. The design criteria for harmonic reactors are driven by the harmonic spectrum provided along with current rating, inductance, temperature rise, taps and impulse rating. The following considerations apply equally to both the single phase harmonic reactor and the three phase harmonic reactor when used in harmonic filter banks. Harmonic filter reactor current ratings are typically based on the following considerations: The reactor core will not[…]

General Specifications for Iron Core Reactors in Harmonic Filter Bank Applications

Docta Reacta:  Continuing our discussion, I thought we should provide you with some of the trade-offs when using harmonic filter reactors in harmonic filter bank applications. The construction methods for trap reactors lend themselves to a substantial flexibility in specifications and ratings.  For filter bank applications, single phase iron core reactors are most often utilized because of the flexibility and inherently higher ratings.  Copper winding is frequently chosen when performance[…]

Power Magnetics Products Deployed in World’s Most Extreme Conditions for Global Energy Businesses

Press Release Energy Industry Leader Celebrates 45 Years Power Magnetics Inc. Products Deployed in World’s Most Extreme Conditions for Global Energy Businesses Trenton, NJ USA April 10, 2014  Power Magnetics, Inc. Celebrates 45 Years PMI celebrated its 45th anniversary recently with a festive gathering. “Power Magnetics has just completed its new strategic plan and we are in the process of implementing it as we look to significant growth over the[…]

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation, VPI, and Atmosphere Dip – The Trade-offs

Docta Reacta:  Today’s topic at PMI Institute addresses when Vacuum Pressure Impregnation, VPI, makes sense for your transformers, like a high voltage plate transformer or medium voltage trap reactor and when it does not and Atmosphere Dip is more appropriate. Thank you for the applause.  Thank you! Thank you!  Wow, what a warm reception!  I realize that this is my first appearance on the new stage here at Power Magnetics Institute, and I[…]

Advantages of AutoTransformers vs Isolation Transformers

Dr. Transformer: Let’s get basic: in an Auto Transformers (versus an Isolation Transformers), the input and output windings are one continuous electrical circuit (see diagram); which is to say that the primary and secondary circuits are not isolated. Docta Reacta: You jumped right into it, huh? Let me a least welcome the Power Magnetics Institute readers!  Welcome! Dr. Transformer: Let me get on with the show!  So, compared to an[…]

Load bank reactors for use in life testing of capacitors

Docta Reacta: Welcome to the Power Magnetics Institute seminar series on reactors!  Thank you for the rousing applause! Recently we made some load bank reactors for use in life testing of capacitors. (See Diagram)   The load bank reactor is in parallel with the capacitor, which are both across the AC line. The current in the capacitor leads by 90º, and the current is the inductor lags by 90º, which[…]

Welcome to PMI Institute

Doctor Transformer: Thank you Dean of Faculty for that generous introduction. To our reader audience, Docta Reacta and I will be delighted to provide technical discussions on the art and science of transformers and reactors for your edification and amazement to heighten your understanding. Along the way, we hope you will discover that the products designed, developed and manufactured by our graduates who are employed at Power Magnetics are among[…]