Three Phase Transformer

Since 1968, Power Magnetics has been providing industrial customers with single phase and 3 phase transformers for step up transformers, step down transformers, distribution transformers, and isolations transformers. Learn More →


High Voltage Plate Transformer

High Voltage Plate Transformer are rectifier transformers that supply power to the plate of a high power tube, typically for furnace applications such as induction heating and RF heating.  These high voltage transformers are well suited for decades of reliable performance. Learn More →


Modulation Control Transformers

Power Magnetics successfully supplies three phase Modulation Transformers for the transmitter industry where power quality counts. Learn More →


Furnace Transformer

Power Magnetics supplies Furnace Transformers to industry for deployment across the globe because of their extraordinarily long life and reliability. Learn More →


Neutral Grounding Transformer

Power Magnetics supplies Neutral Grounding Transformers that offer protection from fault current damaging transformer and generator systems. Learn More →

  • 12 Pulse Transformers
  • Auto Transformers
  • Custom Transformers
  • DC Isolation Transformers
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Drive Isolation Transformers (DIT)
  • Drive Isolation Ferro-resonant Transformers
  • Electrostatic Shielded Transformers
  • Filament Transformers
  • Globar Transformers
  • Harmonic Mitigating Transformers
  • High Voltage Plate Transformers
  • Impedance Matching Audio Output Transformer
  • Marine Grade Transformers
  • Modulation Transformers
  • Neutral Grounding Transformers (NGT)
  • Ozone Transformers
  • Phase Changing Transformers (Phase Changers)
  • Plate Transformers
  • Rectifier (6,12,18 & 36 pulse) Transformers
  • Research Transformers
  • Scott Transformer (Scott-T)
  • Special Transformers
  • Step up and Step Down Transformers
  • Tap Changing Transformers
  • Zig Zag Transformers
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