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Iron Core Current Limiting Reactor (CLR)

Power Magnetics designs and builds Iron Core Current Limiting Reactors (CLR) that has an unrivaled record of dependable service.  Iron Core Current Limiting Reactors are used primarily with electrostatic precipitators to limit line current during precipitator sparking.


  • Continuous 1000A
  • System Voltage 625 V
  • Dry Construction using copper or aluminum windings
  • Manufactured to meet US and International UL, CE, IEC, CSA and ANSI standards
  • Varnished using atmospheric tank with gas-fired oven curing
  • Insulation Class 150, 180 and 220 available


  • NEMA 1 or NEMA 3R enclosed
  • Thermal Switches
  • Custom Terminations
  • VPI (Vacuum – Pressure Impregnation varnish with gas-fired oven curing)
  • Issue of Certificate of Compliance and Test Reports