Single Phase Harmonic Reactor

Power Magnetics designs and builds the “industry standard” Single Phase Trap  or Harmonic Filter Reactor with an unmatched record of reliable service in some of the harshest environments on the globe from north of the Arctic Circle, to deserts and high altitude environments to 15,000 ft. These single phase reactors use a proprietary design and manufacturing techniques to achieve extraordinary performance.  They can also be used to build shunt reactors for renewable energy applications.

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Line Reactor

Industrial Customers have relied on Power Magnetics as the premium supplier of Input Line Reactors and Output Line Reactors for variable frequency drive (VFD) applications.  If a line reactor for VFD applications is the need, then choose the premium line reactor manufacturer, Power Magnetics, Inc.

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Saturable Reactor

Power Magnetics supplies the most reliable Saturable Reactors available, using our design and manufacturing expertise to meet the demands of industry.  These types of reactors are designed to provide a variable output voltage through the use of variable impedance.

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Iron Core Current Limiting Reactor (CLR)

Power Magnetics designs and builds Iron Core Current Limiting Reactors (CLR) that has an unrivaled record of dependable service. These Iron Core CLR’s are often used in applications to remove precipitates in manufacturing and energy production.

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Three Phase Grounded Core Trap Reactor

Power Magnetics designs and builds Three Phase Grounded Core Trap or Harmonic Filter Reactors for a wide variety of applications, including metal enclosed capacitor banks (MECB) and metal enclosed filter banks. PMI engineers are experts at helping customers determine the most economical solution between 3 phase reactors and single phase reactors for these applications.

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  • Air Core Reactors
  • Current Limiting Reactors (CLR)
  • DC Choke
  • Motor Starting Reactors
  • Filter Reactors
  • Floating Core Reactors
  • Grounded Core Three Phase Reactors
  • Harmonic Reactors
  • Inductor
  • Input Line Reactor
  • Inrush Reactors
  • Inverter Reactors
  • Iron Core Inductor
  • Line Reactors
  • Load Bank Reactors
  • Medium Voltage Trap Reactors (MVTR)
  • Output Line Reactor
  • Trap Reactors
  • Saturable Reactors
  • Shunt Reactors