Power Magnetics, Inc. Quality Statement

Power Magnetics is known throughout the power industry for supplying high quality premium custom designed transformers and reactors.  We thought you might be interested in our Quality Statement that guides the work we do and our relationship with customers.  We hope that when you consider your next purchase of a transformer, AC reactor or DC inductor, you will give Power Magnetics, Inc. serious consideration, especially in those applications where efficiency and longevity are requisite in your applications.

Quality Statement

Since 1968 Power Magnetics’, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, expertise has been supplying premium custom designed air cooled transformers and reactors to the energy delivery industries for deployment in applications where ‘failure is not an option’.  Its record backs that up:  warranty returns are virtually zero, and in fact, anecdotal evidence would indicate the MTBF (mean time between failure) is measured in decades, not years.  Our motto says it all: “Built Like the Brooklyn Bridge”. You simply cannot buy a higher quality air cooled transformer or reactor.  Period. 

Power Magnetics custom Transformers and Reactors are built with industry leading proprietary design and manufacturing techniques. Our designs are very conservative to ensure robust units that provide long term service. The design and manufacturing techniques have been constantly refined over four plus decades with the singular focus of protecting our customers’ interests – their applications and reputations ahead of every other consideration. Standard design and manufacturing practices include techniques to eliminate common failure modes and add an extra level of mechanical, dielectric, and thermal strength.  Each design is engineered from the ground up to take into account the conditions of the particular application.

Uncompromising quality and reliability to enhance our customers’ reputations is the standard by which we measure our relationships.

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