Load bank reactors for use in life testing of capacitors

Docta Reacta: Welcome to the Power Magnetics Institute seminar series on reactors!  Thank you for the rousing applause!

Recently we made some load bank reactors for use in life testing of capacitors. (See Diagram)

Load Bank Reactor Diagram

Load Bank Reactor Diagram


The load bank reactor is in parallel with the capacitor, which are both across the AC line. The current in the capacitor leads by 90º, and the current is the inductor lags by 90º, which to you non technical types may not mean much, but it has the happy effect that the currents cancel, which reduces the amount of the current (VAR’s) pulled from the line. This effect is called parallel resonance.

So the advantage is clear: much lower current drawn from the line. This translates into major cost benefits. (Also in the winter they will keep you warm).

To specify a load bank reactor, all you need is the line voltage and kVAR. (In 1Ø applications, kVAR=Vline x Iline, in 3Ø applications kVAR=VL-Lx Iline x1.73).

Our reactors are famous for being  both cooler and quieter than our competitors, as well as for their indefinite lives. (I sometimes wish ours would fail sooner so we could get more replacement business (!))  Quiet, cool and efficient!

So you can put away your ear protectors and call us right away with any application and questions (or for quotes) on load bank reactors, AC reactors, DC inductors, transformers or any other special power magnetics.