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Medium Voltage Harmonic Filter Reactors

DoctPMI book covera Reacta™ In His Latest Tome Reveals Everything You Need to Know About The Five Key Areas of Design and Construction of the Power Magnetics, Inc. High Reliability Solution for Your System Design Challenges!

Docta Reacta’s™ free eBook discusses the 5 key areas of innovative technologies have resulted in Power Magnetics, Inc. providing the industry with the acknowledged “defacto standard” for Medium Voltage Harmonic Filter Reactors for capacitive and harmonic filter banks. In particular, the single phase floating core reactors, which have been impulse tested to 170kV BIL, are practically “indestructible” for metal enclosed capacitor banks and metal enclosed filter banks where they are most often deployed.

You simply cannot buy a higher quality air cooled medium voltage harmonic filter reactor. Period.

docta reactaThe Power Magnetics custom harmonic filter reactors developed by Docta Reacta™ are built with industry leading proprietary design, construction, and manufacturing techniques. The designs, refined over 45+ years of experience, are very conservative to ensure robust units that provide long term service, with a singular focus of protecting our customers’ interests – your application and reputation. Now he reveals for your edification, enlightenment, and enjoyment, the basic inner workings that make the Power Magnetics filter reactors the ultimate in innovation, engineering and endurance!

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