‘Docta Reacta’ Publishes e-Book on Harmonic Filter Reactors

Docta Reacta:  I am pleased to announce that I am publishing The Power Magnetics, Inc. Institute’s first e-book.  It is entitled “Understanding the Advantage In Power Magnetics, Inc. Medium Voltage Harmonic Filter Reactors.”  It is designed to help the reader, in particular, the OEM understand the advantages to the Power Magnetics design, construction and manufacturing methods used to produce what is rapidly becoming the “defacto” industry standard for medium voltage harmonic filter reactors, otherwise known in the industry as trap reactors.

The e-Book lays out the 5 Key Areas that comprise the makeup of the single phase and three phase versions and does into the areas that distinguish the Power Magnetics differences.

This e-book has been published in response to  requests over the years to provide additional information from what is available in our data sheets on our web site. OEM’s requested the information to provide to their customers for their education.

It is unabashedly promotional – it was not developed as a data sheet but rather, in response to the specific request to outline what the advantages of the unique Power Magnetics, Inc. technology is to the end customer. We hope it serves that purpose for you well.

Please be sure to leave us comments and tell us what you think and how we can be of further help.

Best to you!

Docta Reacta

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