Design Criteria for Iron Core Reactors for Harmonic Filter Bank Applications

Prafessa Reacta with you today. The design criteria for harmonic reactors are driven by the harmonic spectrum provided along with current rating, inductance, temperature rise, taps and impulse rating.

The following considerations apply equally to both the single phase harmonic reactor and the three phase harmonic reactor when used in harmonic filter banks. Harmonic filter reactor current ratings are typically based on the following considerations:

  1. The reactor core will not saturate for currents less than 250% of the fundamental current rating of the reactor.
  2. Peak flux density of the core will be less than 1.2 – 1.4 Tesla assuming all harmonic current peaks are 100% coincident (Core design is not based on RMS current rating of reactor)
  3. When specific harmonic current data and system impedance data are provided, the re­actor current spectrum is based upon computer simulations and a conservative engi­neering margin.

Power Magnetics’ proprietary design practices and manufacturing methods have several objectives. Those include running cooler, quieter and more efficiently than any competitive product. A rule of thumb is that for every ten degrees cooler a trap reactor runs, it doubles the service life of the unit.

Those design criteria contribute to the extraordinarily long operational life of the premium custom designed harmonic filter reactors Power Magnetics is known for. Given the often harsh environments the harmonic filter banks are deployed in, extremely long operational life is critical and down time due to failure is unacceptable.

Global energy companies have come to rely on the durability of our medium voltage trap reactors in harmonic filter banks, especially because of the modular nature of those banks and the ability to quickly and easily deploy them. That is in contrast to the large air reactors they are displacing which require more of a construction project. These filter banks can be placed on a concrete pad, secured and hooked up in a matter of days.

Prafessa Reacta here, standing in for Docta Reacta today, signing off. Now where did he go? Probably getting energized with Trap Reacta. Gotta keep those guys off the juice!!

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