Impulse (BIL) Testing Reactors & Transformers: A Short Explanation

Docta Reacta: Power Magnetics was in the news again recently, this time for BIL testing. In case you missed it, this is just a quick update on some news you may be able to use, intended to help you be smarter buyers of magnetics. If you want to read the article, check out the links below – including the one on the Institute Blog. Don’t miss the links to the photos[…]

‘Docta Reacta’ Publishes e-Book on Harmonic Filter Reactors

Docta Reacta:  I am pleased to announce that I am publishing The Power Magnetics, Inc. Institute’s first e-book.  It is entitled “Understanding the Advantage In Power Magnetics, Inc. Medium Voltage Harmonic Filter Reactors.”  It is designed to help the reader, in particular, the OEM understand the advantages to the Power Magnetics design, construction and manufacturing methods used to produce what is rapidly becoming the “defacto” industry standard for medium voltage[…]

Welcome to PMI Institute

Doctor Transformer: Thank you Dean of Faculty for that generous introduction. To our reader audience, Docta Reacta and I will be delighted to provide technical discussions on the art and science of transformers and reactors for your edification and amazement to heighten your understanding. Along the way, we hope you will discover that the products designed, developed and manufactured by our graduates who are employed at Power Magnetics are among[…]