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Subj: Download your Medium Voltage Harmonic Filter Reactors ebook hereGreetings!Thanks for requesting access to Docta Reacta’s™ free eBook, ”Understanding the Advantages of Medium Voltage Harmonic Filter Reactors”. You can access it here:

PMI book coverInside you’ll discover the Five Key Areas of the unique design and construction of Power Magnetics reactors that set them apart.

Docta Reacta’s™ short e-Book is LOADED with tons of great info but I want to make sure you don’t miss these 2 Key Factors that lay the groundwork for the exceptional quality Power Magnetics, Inc. is known for………

Key Factor #1“PMI Core Construction” Page # 9

We get questions about this all the time. One of the secrets to the PMI advantage is the way we gap our reactors. Read this to find out why it is an advantage to you…

Key Factor #2 “Wind-on-leg” Page #11

This method of core construction, and Power Magnetics’ unique approach to this technology, is the key to, small size, extraordinary strength and reliability of the reactors the company is known for.

Plus you’ll also learn…

How PMI minimizes flux density to lower core temperatures to help you keep your operating temperatures as low as possible – resulting in $$ savings in operating costs from lower losses

The principle role of insulation and building to withstand impulse voltage for the highest possible BIL ratings

Why the DuPont Nomex® 410 UL® Registered Insulation System, the best insulation system on the market is used to in the reactors to ensure its superior mechanical, electrical and thermal capabilities contribute to the reliability of the reactors.

… and much, MUCH more!

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