Power Magnetics, Inc. — Built Like the Brooklyn Bridge

Power Magnetics, Inc. - Built like the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge, designed by John Augustus Roebling and built by his son, Washington Roebling, both of Trenton, New Jersey, is one of the great engineering marvels of the 19th century, having been completed in 1883. The largest span of any bridge of its time, the Brooklyn Bridge remained the largest in the world for 20 years. The engineering genius of John Augustus Roebling innovated basic concepts that are state of the art to this very day. For instance, if those concepts had they been adhered to, the spectacular failure of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in 1940, would have been prevented. The Senior Roebling’s unique vision included not only structural integrity beyond dispute, but also an aesthetic grace and elegance rarely matched.

The suspension bridge continually receives punishing use and has endured well, despite loads many times what Roebling originally designed for. Today the bridge is one of America’s greatest icons, admired by people from around the world. It is undergoing a massive renovation, and is expected to last well into the 22nd century.

Power Magnetics is a proud inheritor of the engineering and manufacturing tradition initiated by the Roeblings in Trenton. Claiming this mantel, we are proud to say that our products are “Built like the Brooklyn Bridge.”

– Carl A. Bannwart, President Power Magnetics, Inc.

Photo: Brooklyn Bridge by rãvi, on Flickr

Power Magnetics, Inc. is the recognized leader in design and manufacturing of the industry’s highest performance and most reliable premium custom transformers, AC reactors and DC inductors. Since 1968, we have built custom magnetics for our global customers, some of the largest companies in the world, which exemplifies the three pillars of our philosophy: Innovation, Engineering and Endurance. You simply cannot buy a higher quality air cooled transformer or reactor. Period.

Innovation: Our proprietary design methods assure our customers that our transformers, inductors and reactors are the highest performance magnetics for the given application. We go deeper than anyone, down to the physics of the devices to provide the innovation our customers have come to expect to solve their problems. In particular, our line of reactors, including trap reactors, line reactors, saturable reactors, current limiting reactors (CLR’s) are best of breed in the market place.

Engineering: Solid engineering design begins with the most advanced magnetics design software in the market, backed up with decades of design experience across a broad spectrum of products in transformers, reactors and inductors. Our engineering department has over 120+ years in custom magnetics design and fabrication of transformers, iron core reactors and air core reactors. We also take seriously our motto, “Built Like The Brooklyn Bridge”, applying what we term Brooklyn Bridge Engineering, B2E for short, as the inspiration for making the designs a work of art besides a masterpiece of engineering excellence!

Endurance: At the end of the day, the over-riding concern for our customers is reliability of their products in the field. Our conservative design, engineering and ISO certified manufacturing practices provide premium custom magnetics that our customers have come to count on for years of trouble free service in the most demanding applications. More than once we have heard from customers, “Practically indestructible,” when describing our products. Our customers in the oil & gas, transportation, automotive and electric vehicle, manufacturing, commercial facilities, communications and energy industries know they can count on our drive isolation and neutral grounding transformers, load banks, trap reactors, line reactors, furnace transformers, plate transformers, and AC and DC inductors to provide literally decades of trouble free service, in the harshest of environments.