Power Magnetics — innovation, engineering, and endurance — Built like the Brooklyn Bridge

One of the first things a visitor notices at the Power Magnetics office in Trenton is the collection of the Brooklyn Bridge artwork covering the walls. “Despite being an electrical engineer, I have always been fascinated by bridges and the Brooklyn Bridge in particular” said Carl A. Bannwart, Power Magnetics’ president. The bridge was one of the great engineering marvels of the 19th century, and, astoundingly, is expected to last to the 22nd century. John Roebling used many groundbreaking innovations in design and construction, and the quality of the engineering speaks for itself. Also, Roebling’s unique vision included an esthetic grace and elegance rarely matched.“As a student of the bridge, I gradually realized its symbolic value – as well as the obvious Trenton connection with the Roeblings and steel – was important to Power Magnetics, and in fact is emblematic of our mission of innovation, engineering, and endurance. We are proud to say that our products are ‘Built like the Brooklyn Bridge’,” stated Carl A. Bannwart.

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Carl Bannwart



PM 6992

Maria Buono

Operations Manager


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Travis Harper

Core Department Supervisor