A Video Explanation of Single Phase Trap Reactors

A Video Explanation of Single Phase Trap Reactors


Docta Reacta:  Welcome dear PMI Institute learners!  Today I have a treat for you!  PMI’s very own Mike Smith, an up and coming star with Hollywood potential, I am sure you will agree, will provide you with a illuminating discussion of Power Magnetics Inc.’s Single Phase Trap Reactors.

These medium voltage trap reactors have become the industry standard and as I have explained in previous posts, are nearly indestructible due to the way they are designed and manufactured.  They have been tested by third party labs to 150 kV BIL!

Without further ado, here’s Mike!

Thank you Mike for your elucidation and illumination of the characteristics of the Power Magnetics  Single Phase Trap Reactor for the edification of our fine audience!

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Until next week, my friends!

Docta Reacta

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