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Power Magnetics, Inc. is the leader in design and manufacturing of the industry’s highest performance and most reliable premium custom air cooled transformers, AC reactors and DC inductors.

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Power Magnetics’ products are Built Like the Brooklyn Bridge™. Learn about the Three Pillars of our design and manufacturing philosophy that support our motto.

Our products fall into the following categories:

  • Single phase transformers
  • Three phase transformers
  • Phase changing
  • AC and DC inductors
  • Single phase reactors
  • Three phase reactors
  • NEMA 1 and 3R enclosures

Power Magnetics Overview

With these capabilities:

  • 15 kVA to 4500 kVA
  • Aluminum or copper winding
  • Air and water cooled
  • Multi-tapped
  • To 150kV BIL
  • 4kV to 38kV Class
  • K Factor
  • Electrostatic shielding
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Electrical Power Transformers

For single phase and three phase electrical transformers including plate transformers, distribution transformers, zig-zag transformers, isolation transformers, Scott-T transformers and auto transformers, customers have come to rely on Power Magnetics extraordinary efficiency and durability when deployed in their equipment around the globe. Customers who have requirements for custom transformer manufacturing to solve their most demanding applications rely on Power Magnetics, Inc.

Harmonic Filter Reactors

PMI Button ebookOur Medium Voltage Trap Reactors (MVTR) dramatically reduce harmonic distortions in power systems. They have become the defacto standard in the power quality industry for metal enclosed capacitor banks (MECB) and harmonic filter banks. These custom reactors are deployed in some of the harshest environments in the world. When failure is not an option, customers depend on the reliability and durability of Power Magnetics. Our Harmonic Filter reactors(Single phase trap reactors) have been independently tested to 95 kV BIL, 125 kV Bil and 150 kV BIL (enduring to 170 kV BIL and beyond.)

Power Conditioning

Power Magnetics is the preferred supplier of power conditioners such as our input line reactors, output line reactors, floating core reactors, grounded core reactors, saturable reactors, and current limiting reactors for a wide range of power conditioning applications by some of the world’s largest energy companies. Our proprietary design and manufacturing techniques ensure your exact needs are met.

Our Products

  • Neutral Grounding Transformer
  • Single Phase Trap Reactor
  • Modulation Transformer
  • High Voltage Plate Transformer
  • Three Phase Transformer
  • Furnace Transformer
  • Single Phase Trap Reactor
  • Line Reactor
  • Three Phase Grounded Core Trap Reactor